Campaign Mission 16: “Truk Lagoon” Counterattack

Truk Lagoon: Counterattack

"iBomber Defense Pacific" - Campaign Mission 16 - "Truk Lagoon" (1)
Path of the enemy units in Truk Lagoon, red being naval and blue being air.

Protect Truk against the surprise enemy counterattack.

It’s time to return to your old base from Operation Hailstone and come back to fight another 10 waves of air and naval units. There will be two new routes opened up at the bottom of the map for naval units to approach from, making things difficult as they demand wider coverage from your turrets and have shorter distances to travel in order to reach your base. A small saving grace, besides starting with everything you had at the end of the other level, is that you still will have the AA support base to keep the skies clear.

This guide will cover how to get a Full House, which is a perfect round with all medals and 20 victory points, on the Truk Lagoon level of the iBomber Defense Pacific campaign, played on Veteran difficulty. In addition, this mission guide will cover the secondary objective and hidden target along with a walkthrough video.

Secondary Objective

Accumulate as many resources as possible to help the war effort.

This is another cash objective, and it requires that you have 200$ saved up at the end of the level to complete it. Like always, the simplest way to do this is pause at the very end when there is only one unit left or just as it is destroyed and sell off some of your turrets to make the money needed.

Supply Crates: none

Victory Points So Far: 300 (20 unspent)

  • Machine Gun lvl 3
    X2 Power vs Flamed Specialization
  • Cannon lvl 3
  • Bomb lvl 3
  • Flamer lvl 3
  • Comms lvl 3
    Increased interest specialization
  • Rocket lvl 3
  • Anti-Air lvl 3

Perks used for this mission:

  • Ironback II
  • Eagle Eye II
  • Phantom Strike

This is the first mission where we will not be using Greenback to receive extra money at the beginning, since funds are less of an issue this time around. Instead we opt for the aiming to help cover multiple paths with the same turrets simultaneously and Ironback to keep them alive under the immense amount of firepower dished out by the enemy here. Phantom Strike is still useful like it was before for the same reasons.

Hidden Target

There is no hidden target in this counterattack level, since technically we took it out already the last time we were here.

Turret Placement

Placing your weaponry in Truk Lagoon will first consist of fortifying your central island if there are any upgrades left to be made after you are done repairing the damage dealt to them by the opening bomber attack. Afterwards, you should work on building rows of cannons boosted by comms that stretch out along the southern and northern buildable tiles, working your way from the base outwards.

Another AA turret upgraded to level 3 will be essential here before the level is over, along with a pair of flame turrets—one to cover the opening of each of the two new southern naval unit paths. Bombs will come in handy for destroying tough waves quickly, dealing with the occasional sneak attack, and keeping any tough enemies from slipping past your defenses when things get a bit hectic. Remember to pause near the end and sell off turrets once you have almost killed (or right as you lay the final blow to) the last unit at wave 10 to satisfy the secondary.

Veteran Difficulty Video Guide

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