Campaign Mission 01: “Kokoda Track” New Guinea

Kokoda Track: New Guinea

A map of the Kokoda Track campaign level, with arrows drawn showing the paths enemy units take towards the base you must defend in the video game "iBomber Defense Pacific".
The direction taken by enemy units in the level Kokoda Track.

Protect Milne bay and prevent Japanese forces establishing a base in Eastern New Guinea.

You will be defending a single path that curves from the top left part of the map down to your base at the bottom right for 8 waves of mostly light units. This is the first of two tutorial missions that are relatively easy (even on Veteran difficulty) and serve to introduce new players to the game’s mechanics. There are no special targets or supply crates to speak of in this mission.

Secondary Objective

Protect supply warehouse.

This objective involves defending the brown building south of the bend in the road after the bridge. All you will need to do is place a couple of your turrets in front of it to prevent it from taking any damage.

Screenshot of the Secondary Objective target building in the Kokoda Track campaign level in the video game "iBomber Defense Pacific".
Secondary Objective

Turret Placement

Screenshot of the suggested turret placement upon reaching wave 8 in the Kokoda Track campaign level of the video game "iBomber Defense Pacific".
Wave 8 turret placement.

Placing the turrets in this level is very simple and straightforward. Just place up to 4 additional machine guns on the open spaces along the road, preferably at least one in front of the warehouse to protect it from damage. Upgrade them to level 2 as the mission progresses. Once you near level 7, save money for a single Cannon to place along the road to help deal with the heavier units that occupy the final waves.

Victory Points at End

+20 Points for completing Kokoda Track with a Full House.
20 Points Total.

Upgrades Purchased

  • Machine Gun Level 3

Veteran Difficulty Video Guide

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