Campaign Mission 02: “Buna Gona” Perimeter

Buna Gona – Perimeter

iBomber Defense Pacific - Campaign Mission 02 - Buna Gona (1)
The red path showing the route taken by incoming enemy forces in Buna Gona.

Protect your position in Buna, New Guinea.

The level Buna Gona will have the enemy land forces approaching your base in a spiraling path that starts at the center-top of the map, ending near the center, almost making a complete loop. This mission will introduce the Bomb Turret and how to utilize it, while being the last half of the tutorial missions needed to unlock the Basic Training achievement.

Secondary Objective

Destroy all Japanese bunkers in the area.

This objective will require the use of your bombs. Best done as soon as possible, although not at the expense of completely ignoring supply crates until done. Just drop a single bomb over each of the three raised hexagonal shapes which are located in the woods, away from the path and your turrets, with the circular clearing around each.

Screenshot of one of the bunkers you must destroy for the Secondary Objective in the Buna-Gona campaign level of the video game "iBomber Defense Pacific".
One of the Japanese bunkers you must destroy with bombs for the secondary objective.

Victory Points

  • Machine Gun lvl 3

20 Points Total

Perks used for this mission:

Greenback I, Bombardier I
The extra cash with the Greenback perk is always a valuable choice, while an extra bomb will go a long way in a level which requires a good amount of their use in a short period of time.

Hidden Target

This is the first level which has a special structure placed somewhat inconspicuously around the map which, if destroyed (by dropping a bomb), serves as a bonus towards an achievement. The hidden target in Buna-Gona is a small hut tucked in between the trees, just to the left of your base.

Screenshot of the Hidden Target building in the Buna-Gona campaign level of the video game "iBomber Defense Pacific".
The hidden target, tucked away near the center of the map in Buna-Gona.

Turret Placement

With your starting funds you are going to want to place a pair of Bomb turrets by your base, where they are less likely to be shoot by advancing enemies, as you will need more than just one to bomb all the targets and crates in time. Take whats left and place a Machine Gun on the path before the first supply crate, upgrading it to level 3. Take your next funds and make another MG and eventually a cannon next to the pair of crates, making them shoot the crates when enemies are not present to work towards getting the goodies inside.

The waves in this mission go quickly, so make sure you drop your bombs on the targets you need to hit as they are made. You may end up damaging your own turrets when later hitting the supply crates, but make sure not to wait too long to open the crates as the funds they contain are a nice help. You should look to wrap this mission up with a pair of each level 2 and 3 MGs and a pair of Cannons, not counting the bomb turrets.

Basic Training Achievement

Having completed this and the previous level Kokada Track will award you with the Basic Training achievement for completing both of the game’s tutorial levels. It does not matter which difficulty you beat these missions on.

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